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Publish Date:2020-06-24

Update Date:2020-06-24

Units:Criminal Investigation Bureau

Gang from Beitou cracked for robberies, bouncing checks and debt collection with violence(108/10/24)
  1. Investigation units: Taiwan Shilin District Prosecutors Office; 4th Investigation Corps, Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB); and Beitou Precinct, Zhongshan Precinct, and Criminal Investigation Division of Taipei City Police Department.
  2. Capture period: From 27th August in 2019 to present.
  3. Capture region: Shilin District and Beitou District, Taipei City; and Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City.
  4. Suspects: A total of 11 led by OO Huang.
  5. Captured evidence: Promissory notes signed by victims, one switchblade and sports shoes and mobile phones used in the case.
  6. Case summary:
    • After receiving a victim’s report on debt collection with violence and a robbery by a gang led by OO Huang, the 4th Investigation Corps (Division III), Criminal Investigation Bureau, formed a task force with the Beitou Precinct, Zhongshan Precinct and the Criminal Investigation Division of the Taipei City Police Department and reported to the District Prosecutor Chia-Ting Chang of the Taiwan Shilin District Prosecutors Office to command the investigation, in order to crack the gang through continuous investigation and collection of related evidence.
    • The modus operandi of the gang led by suspect OO Huang includes kidnaping victims, beating them up and then taking them to the emergency room of the hospital for rescue. The investigation found that the gang has done the same thing to many victims. During the surveillance, the task force found that the gang recruits members with self-created slogans and makes uniforms to emphasize the gang’s power. The gang also sets its headquarters at a place in Beitou to practice debt collection with violence to pursue illegal and exorbitant income, becoming a huge problem of local public peace.
    • When the right moment came, the task force arrested a total of 11 suspects led by OO Huang between August and October in 2019 and found evidence from Huang’s apartment and the gang’s headquarters including five promissory notes, three settlement receipts of the rotating savings and credit association, one switchblade, and the sports shoes and mobile phones used in the cases. After interrogation, the gang was charged with violation of the Organized Crime Prevention Act, offenses of causing bodily harm, restraining the personal freedom, robbery, and intimidation. The case was referred to the Taiwan Shilin District Prosecutors’ Office for prosecution.
    • Gangs usually recruit juvenile members and interested people with drugs and money. They exploit the curiosity about excitement and impulsiveness of young people to pick quarrels and provoke trouble in groups to seriously threaten local public peace. The police urged the public not to join gangs of any kind. The prosecution and the police will stay vigilant to gather intelligence in relation to gangs and the illegal activities of gangsters, in order to maintain the environment in which people live and work in peace and contentment.