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Publish Date:2020-06-30

Update Date:2020-06-30

Units:Criminal Investigation Bureau

Eat Chicken, Not Poison! The CIB Gathering Crowds for an E-sport Craze! A Reputable and Creative Anti-drug Campaign(108/07/30)
Who is to say anti-drug campaigns are meant to be serious and boring? The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) put up an e-sport arena today (1st) combining the popular “Eat Chicken” mobile game at the Taipei World Trade Center “Taipei Comic Expo”. On-duty police officers and well-known live broadcasters Assen and Krapy teamed up to challenge the general public, which attracted a large number of young players who rushed to register. CIB Director, Huang Ming-Chao, not only personally hosted the event on the scene, but also showed off his skills on the stage. In the game, the director and the two live broadcasters competed for “shooting” accuracy, exclaiming “it was more tense than holding a real gun!” They successfully heated up the scene. Wishing to continue after the game, many players unanimously requested more events of this kind to be organized in the future. The on-duty police officers with a smile on their faces said, “It is the first time young men actually rush to register for an anti-drug advocacy event.”
According to the CIB, the summer vacation is a crucial time for preventing students’ exposure to drugs. This year, on the first day of the Taipei Comic Expo holding, the “CIB Anti-drug E-sport Challenge” was held. The purpose is to subtly convey anti-drug awareness through edutainment to the general public present at the site in the gaming atmosphere. During the activity, player and police officers were invited to compete on the stage to gain popularity. Then, the CIB “Anti-violence Special Forces” demonstrated the fortification and anti-drug equipment and shared their experiences at the anti-drug crime scenes, which not only widened the audience’s horizons, but also allowed them to directly perceive the police’s anti-drug combat determination and come to the realization that “drugs” will lead nowhere. Then, through a simulated drug odor experiential device and a drug model, the audience was able to learn to identify possible signs of drug crimes and instantly report to the police to be the best anti-drug vanguards of the police which concluded the successful event.
The CIB would also like to remind students that unlike mobile games, we only live once and that we must never expose ourselves to drugs out of curiosity. Students may engage in positive recreational activities during the summer vacation, stay away from the temptation of drugs and have a summer to remember this year!