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Publish Date:2020-06-20

Update Date:2020-06-20

Units:Criminal Investigation Bureau

Taiwan-Japan Police Crackdown on Cross-Border Telecommunication Scam Facility in Joint Operations for the first time(108/11/20)
  1. Investigation Team: Taiwan Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Japan, Immigration Administration of Ministry of Interior, International Criminal Affairs Division, Criminal Investigation Bureau, Zhong-Shan Precinct, Taipei City Police Department Miaoli County Criminal Investigation Police, Da-Jia Police Precinct, Taichung City Police Department, 1st Police Precinct, Keelung City Police Department.
  2. Crackdown time: March 27 2019 (offshore raid), November 19 (Repatriation to Taiwan).
  3. Raided locations: Koufushi, Yamanashi-Ken of Japan (offshore), Zhongshan District of Taipei, North District and Central District of Taichung City (arrest of accomplices in Taiwan and from offshore).
  4. Suspects arrested: Wu OO, Wu OO, Yao OO, Luo OO and others, total of 34 persons.
  5. Evidence rounded up: 1 x notebook PC, 17 x mobile phones, 3 x routers, scam coaching handbook, 1 x printer, 2 x whiteboard, and script of the scam, and notebooks. 
  6. Summary of the case: 
    • The International Criminal Affairs Division of CIB has come to the attention of a suspect who may have established a facility for launching telecommunication scams in August 2018 in the course of investigation of a telecommunications fraud case, and started to exchange and analysis of the intelligence with the Japanese police. The investigation led to the targeting of 10 telecommunications fraud suspects for tracking. The police discovered that these 10 suspects entered Japan in March 2019, and went to a townhouse located at Koufushi City of Yamanashi-Ken County. Likewise, Japanese police also petitioned with the court for an arrest warrant and a search warrant for Taiwanese suspects after confirmation from the entry and exit records and refugee records. They stormed the cross-border telecommunications scam facility on March 27, 2019, and arrested 19 suspects from Taiwan. The previous 10 suspects that came to the attention of the police were not in that facility, but were arrested at the Narita International Airport of Japan on March 28 and 29, 2019. In Taiwan, the CIB petitioned with the Taiwan Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office. Under the command of Prosecutor Yang Shih-Yu of Kong Section of the office, we started to repatriate the suspects from Japan and rounded up the other accomplices in Taiwan from July 2019 onward. A total of 18 suspects were arrested, with 16 suspects summoned to police authorities where the 9 were detained. The prosecutor charged 12 suspects of fraud and organized crime.
    • The telecommunications fraud gang raided this time mainly targeted at the victims in Mainland China. They lied to the victims that their medical insurance cards have been used illegally and demanded the victims to support the Wuhan Police Station in the investigation for clarifying the situation thereby asking the victims to remit funds from their accounts to the designated bank account for custody or they will be charged as accomplices. They adopted this means to intimidate the people of Mainland China to rip them off. 
    • These members of the fraud gang have gone to Japan for engagement in cross-border telecommunications scams for years. In this case, the Taiwan police started to work in cooperation with the Japanese police at the stage of intelligence sharing, and targeted a number of suspects after intelligence analysis. They were tracked by Japanese police soon after their arrival with the gathering of proper information. The raid was a success. It was echoed with action in Taiwan that accomplices in Taiwan and Japan were arrested almost at the same time. This is the debut of the joint police action between Taiwan and Japan in the investigation on telecommunications scams.  
    • The pattern of telecommunications scams committed by people of Taiwan in Japan has undergone changes over the years. In the past, they just organized telecommunications hardware facility and made telephone calls to cheat the people of Mainland China. From last year onward, these gang members went to Japan and withdraw funds remitted from the victims. At the beginning of the year, some people from Taiwan even withdrew money from the victims in Japan and were arrested by the Japanese police. The CIB urged the people not to take chances, as crime does not pay. Most countries have paid increasing attention to the hazards caused by telecommunications scams and are now more eager to engage in joint police action to fight crimes. We will intensify the efforts in the investigation of telecommunications scams in accordance with the Criminal Code in fraud, Organized Crimes Prevention Act, and Anti-Money Laundering Act to punish criminals of this kind.