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Publish Date:2020-06-21

Update Date:2020-06-21

Units:Criminal Investigation Bureau

Crackdown of the Cross-Border Telecommunication Scams Facility with the Arrest of 13 Suspects including Liu OO(108/11/21)
  1. Investigation Team: Taiwan New Taipei District Prosecutors Office (Ying Section), Team 3 of Brigade No. 4 of CIB, Hai-Shan Precinct, New Taipei Police Department.
  2. Crackdown time: 2019/11/13, around 14:00.
  3. Raided locations: a spot at New Taipei City.
  4. Suspects arrested: Liu OO and others, a total of 13.
  5. Rounded up evidence: 20 x scam devices, crime money of some NT$610,000, 18 x phony cards used in the scams, 1 x monitoring device, 4 x scam coaching handbooks, 2 x notebook PCs. 
  6. Summary of the case:
    • Team 3 of 4th Investigation Corp. of CIB was tipped off that suspect Liu OO and others have set up a cross-border telecommunication scam facility in Taiwan. They disguised as police officers to cheat the people of Mainland China. The crime they committed has caused significant impact on social order. The team petitioned with Taiwan New Taipei District Prosecutors Office for action. Public Prosecutor Chin Chia-Wei of Ying Section took the command in the investigation. A task force was formed with Hai-Shan Police Precinct, New Taipei Police Department for in-depth investigation.
    • The task force has monitored and staked out for long time for gathering evidence. The findings indicated that the suspects have established a telecommunication scam facility in a flat at a luxurious building in New Taipei City. Under the command of Public Prosecutor Chin Chia-Wei of Ying Section, Taiwan New Taipei District Prosecutors Office, the task force stormed the facility with a search warrant issued by the Taiwan New Taipei District Court. At the time of the raid, the 13 suspects were in the middle of committing the crime of fraud on the scene. The task force rounded up 20 devices for committing crimes, some NT$610,000 of crime money, 18 phony cards used in the scams, 1 monitoring device, 4 copies of scam coaching handbooks, and 2 notebook PCs. 
    • The police urged the public not to take a chance in committing crime. Crime does not help to accumulate wealth. Any form of crimes will result in police action in full effort and the offenders will be punished by law. If the public receives calls claiming to be from a certain government agency and disqualification for installment payment that they are requested to remit money from their account for custody, call the fraud prevention hotline 165 in the first place. Do not give the criminals a chance.