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Criminal Investigation Bureau, National Police Agency


Organization Chart

Update Date:2020-09-24

Units:Criminal Investigation Bureau

There are a commissioner, first deputy commissioner, second deputy commissioner, third deputy commissioner, and chief secretary in Criminal Investigation Bureau. CIB includes the section of Crime Prevention and Detection Commanding Center, and Electronic Surveillance Division, Crime Prevention Affairs Division, Crime Investigation Affairs Division, Anti-Organized Crime Division, Legal Affairs Division, Criminal Records Division, International Criminal Affairs Division, Cross-Strait Affairs Division, Economic Crimes Division, Research and Development Division, Criminal Information Division, Drug Enforcement Center, Public Relations Office, Logistical Service Division, Secretarial Office, Internal Affairs and Training Division, Government Ethics Office, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Forensic Examination Division, Forensic Biology Office, Fingerprint Division. The 1st Investigation Corp to the 9th Investigation Corp, Telecommunications Investigation Corp and Security Guard Unit are also comprised in CIB.
Organization Chart